Dark Corner Distillery releases “Limited Batch” of Journeyman Reserve Elder Tiger Gin

February 9, 2015
February 9, 2015 BRSB

Dark Corner Distillery releases “Limited Batch” of Journeyman Reserve Elder Tiger Gin

Greenville, SC – February 9, 2015 / Dark Corner Distillery today announced the availability of an extremely limited batch of its “rested gin”. Only 40 bottles of the Journeyman Reserve Elder Tiger will be available.

Elder Tiger is truly a unique product” says Paul Fulmer, Dark Corner’s Executive Distiller, “It has a distinctive, mellow aroma, with a juniper core that is layered with jasmine and orange blossom, and lemon and orange citrus notes, all balanced by a wood characteristic of fresh cut pine.”

Barrel rested for 54 months, the Elder Tiger gin is 80 proof and comes in a distinctive 750ml bottle.

The product will be sold at Dark Corner Distillery’s retail location – 241 North Main Street, Greenville, SC 29615- starting February 20th for $119.95. Doors will open at 11:00 AM.

Founded in 2011, Dark Corner Distillery is a Greenville, SC based micro distillery most famous for producing the World’s Best Moonshine. Defined by heritage, the distillery offers visitors to the store on Greenville’s Main Street a unique experience, including product tastings and distillery tours. For more information go to www.darkcornerdistillery.com.

Tasting Notes for Journeyman Reserve Elder Tiger


Distilled Gin (barrel rested)
Resting Time:              53.8 Months
Alc./Vol.:                    40%
Proof:                          80.0

Color:            Amber (0.7 on Whiskey Magazine Color Scale)
Aroma:         Mellow juniper core with floral & citrus notes balanced by new wood characteristics.
Flavor:          Juniper Core; accompanied by jasmine & orange blossom, floral notes, orange and lemon,
citrus notes, balanced in harmony with hints of fresh cut pine.
Finish:           Long and balanced.
Mouth feel:   Smooth and balanced.



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