Joe Fenten

President and COO

Joe is an emerging leader in the spirits industry. At 27 he founded Dark Corner Distillery, at 29 he founded the Craft Spirits Guild of South Carolina and at 31 he co-founded of Venture Amp, a network of entrepreneurs who share equity in the vetting and launching of ideas.

Prior to starting Dark Corner Joe graduated from Clemson University with an electrical engineering degree and went on to work for a large engineering company. During a stint in Chicago, IL, where he was working on a major distillery bottling line for an industry giant, Joe’s entrepreneurial “spirit” kicked in.

With the 2011 launch of Dark Corner Distillery, Joe pioneered the craft distilled spirits renaissance in South Carolina. Dark Corner is the first post prohibition distillery and the first ever producer of bourbon in the state of South Carolina. Joe’s leadership of Dark Corner has been rewarded with 37 medals from all over the world for creating remarkable spirits.

By designing, and building, Dark Corner’s own distillation system, the team at DCD have uniquely created the “World’s Best Moonshine” along with many other top shelf products.

Through his work with the distillery, Joe championed environmental sustainability in South Carolina. Dark Corner’s distilling process has been thoughtfully designed so every by-product can be donated and reused. As the President and COO, Joe will insure the highest quality; best tasting spirits are produced, delivered and frequently enjoyed by all our customers.

Joe Fenten - Brass Ring Spirit Brands


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